Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Book review of French Kissing by Lynne Shelby

Welcome to day nine of my #FrenchVillageBookworm Advent Calendar where every day in December I am sharing a book set in France.

french village diaries #FrenchVillageBookworm advent calendar review French Kissing Lynne Shelby
#FrenchVillageBookworm advent calendar day 9

My book today is French Kissing by Lynne Shelby, a novel with a beautiful cover and a delicious French twist. Anna has been writing real letters to her French penfriend Alexandre for fifteen years, since they met on their school exchange. He was a weedy, geeky guy who over the years she has shared many things with, but they haven’t met up since school. As soon as I read the penfriend concept of this book in the synopsis I knew this was a book for me. I have fond memories of writing to my French penfriends and I’m sure I’ve even got the letters stashed away in a box somewhere.

When Alex writes with news he has been offered work in London, Anna invites him to stay with her until he is settled. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that life is about to get tricky for Anna. Alex is now tall, gorgeous and single, her boyfriend Nick isn’t happy and her friends are hanging around her flat like bees around a honey pot. Alex’s presence certainly gives Anna lots to think about and that is before he invites her to Paris for a photography exhibition.

However, as in all good chick-lit it takes more than a handsome Frenchman to make a plot. There are twists, circumstances, disappointments, surprises, tears and frustrations. I loved it all and the warm squishy glow it left me with too. Thanks Lynne.

French Kissing is available in paperback and ebook format and links to Amazon can be found below. The ebook is currently on promotion at only 99p.

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