Tuesday, December 2, 2014

B is for Buche de Noel

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French food alphabet advent calendar

Welcome to my French Food Alphabet Advent Calendar. Between now and Christmas Day I will be working my way through a selection of delicious food posts; some will be regional specialities, some are my personal favourite foods, some posts will include recipes, but all will be linked to French food and drink. I hope you enjoy your virtual tastings.

It’s the 2nd December and B is for Bûche de Noel

The bûche de noel or yule log is a traditional French Christmas dessert. It is a genoise sponge that is filled, rolled and iced with chocolate buttercream and decorated to look like a log. I gave this a go a few years ago and if you fancy a chuckle you can read all about it here, let’s just say it wasn’t as easy as I thought but at least anything covered in chocolate always tastes good.

If you missed my previous post you can catch up with A here. Don’t forget to pop back tomorrow for the letter C, it’s going to be one of my favourite treats.

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