Friday, December 19, 2014

S is for Seafood Platter

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French food alphabet calendar

Welcome to my French Food Alphabet Advent Calendar where I am working my way through a selection of delicious food posts; some are regional specialities, some are my personal favourite foods, some posts include recipes, but all are linked to French food and drink. I hope you are enjoying your virtual tastings.

It’s the 19th December and S is for Seafood Platter.

A seafood platter is a dish of celebration for the French and is often served for the Christmas Eve or New Years Eve Reveillon meal. Until a week ago I was a seafood platter virgin. I had sampled some of its delights individually, but never had the courage (or budget) to order the full theatre of sitting in a restaurant with a dominating platter hovering above the table. This was something that needed addressing and at a pre-Christmas meal with French friends I was initiated. As you can see from the photo this was one loaded platter with oysters, prawns, langoustines, crab and sea snails. It was a lovely relaxing evening, everyone just dug in and munched away at their own pace, stopping every once in a while to show me how to remove the sea snails from their shells and attack the crab. It was a great fun evening with good food and lovely company.

Don’t forget to pop back tomorrow for the letter T for another tasty post. If you have missed my previous advent posts you can catch up by clicking on the letters ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP, Q and R.

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