Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Q is for Quenelles

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French food alphabet advent calendar

Welcome to the latest post in my French Food Alphabet Advent Calendar series - a foodie’s countdown to Christmas Day, sharing posts including French regional specialities, my personal favourite foods, and some new recipes. I hope you are enjoying your virtual tastings.

It’s the 17th December and Q is for Quenelles

Quenelles are similar to a dumpling and are made with flour, suet and creamed meat or fish. If my memory serves me correctly my first taste of quenelles was in Maçon in the 1980’s where I was staying with a French family on a school exchange. My French wasn’t very good back then, but I’m sure my French maman said they were frogs legs quenelles and served in a creamy sauce were very tasty. I have never tried to make my own, nor have I seen them on restaurant menus in this area as they are probably more common in Lyon and the eastern regions, but I could always treat myself to a tin.

Q is also for Quiche and you can find my French village quiche recipe here.

Don’t forget to pop back tomorrow for the letter R, a summertime favourite of mine. If you have missed my previous advent posts you can catch up by clicking on the letters ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO and P.

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