Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Book review of Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard

It's the Fifth day of Christmas and my review today is for Lunch in Paris: A Delicious Love Story, with Recipes by Elizabeth Bard. This memoir is a delicious look at life in Paris, seen through the eyes of Elizabeth, an American, who falls for Paris as well as a Frenchman.
french village diaries book review Lunch in Paris Elizabeth Bard
Lunch in Paris

Elizabeth sets a lovely scene as she takes us through the special times spent around the dining table learning the French way, from simple daily lunches to large family get togethers. She shares her daily visits to her local market and if you have seen the film Notting Hill (and if you haven't you should) you may remember when the lady walks down the market and the seasons change around her. I love that film and I could visualise Elizabeth doing the same in her little corner of Paris.

As her life in Paris develops, she adds her own family food to her French dining table and includes her French family in her Jewish celebrations, often giving them a French twist. This book includes some of her favourite recipes and I have marked out some that I will be giving a go, although none of them seem too complicated. Although food is important, this book is also about language, love and making a life for yourself in a new country.

At the end of the book Elizabeth offers a reading list and I will certainly be looking up some of her suggestions as if there is one thing I love it is reading! 

I know from following her on Twitter and Facebook that her French life has moved on, but food is still very important to their family life as they now run Scaramouche, an ice cream and sorbet shop in Cereste, Provence. She will also be releasing her second book very soon, Picnic in Provence: A Tale of Love in France, with Recipes and I can't wait.

If food and France are your thing, you will really enjoy this book.

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